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Benefits of Employee Time Tracking

As you are, no doubt, aware of the global interference caused by COVID-19, the chaotic hindrance it has caused has made our lives upside down. 

In between all these chaos, most of the organizations are now likely to make work from home mandatory for their employees, and why not? 

By saying that, work from home is like a dream come true for the majority of employees- no tantrums, no issues, time flexibility, and many more. 


But does that work the same for employers? Do organizations really get profit from the same? NO. You might be curious - WHY? 

  • According to a source, there was a 600% increase in the exploitation of confidential data related to organizations. 
  • 45% of the workers are not as dedicated while working from home as they used to be at the office.
  • 85% of the company's data are under high risk of data breaching.

Don't get impatient after looking at the stats. 

Well, there are many ways through which one can overcome these obstacles. The best solution to this is tracking employee's time.  


Here you need to bring employee tracking time into action. A timer management tool

that assists you in keeping track of the employees. One of the best time trackers I have come across is Scope Idea Time Tracking with its amazing features that any organization demands. You can go through this website to know more

Let us know further about the benefits of using a time tracking tool.




1- Employees Transparency 

Setting up transparency is an honest way to maintain relations between employees and the cooperation. Keeping an eye on system operations can be a good strategy for getting transparent results. Managers can make sure their employees are consistently working on the matters that are concerned with their organization. It can benefit the economic state of affairs. 

2- Accuracy in payments 

Maintaining a budget of the organization is the main factor of any successful organization. Keeping track of the work time of an employee can add a lot more precision to the payment department as they will be getting paid for the amount of work they have done.

The employee time tracking can perfectly balance the overpayment. It evaluates the complete work and helps inaccuracy in payments. 

3- Better Management 

What is better than knowing the capabilities of your employees through tracking? Tracking time can lead to the acknowledgment of the momentum of an employee. These particular details can help the organization to assign a project to an appropriate worker that will lead to quality work.  

4-Effective productivity 

Time tracking provides time flexibility that results in a productive mindset and effective change in thoughts. Working while roaming around with a cup of coffee doesn't sound like a bad idea. Multitasking has always been the most prominent factor for being productive. 

5- Avoids Data Breaching 

As per the previous sources mentioned, data breaching is the most common encountered case. According to a report, the rate of protected files of a company is only 10%. The employees stay alert and avoid any data breaching. 

6- Evaluation 

The acknowledgment of the most committed employee with a strong work ethic is absolutely essential. And by saying that evaluating such employees becomes much easier by tracking time. And therefore rewarding them with promotion is like a cherry on the cake. 

7-Flexible schedule 

It is a well-known fact, that people love the freedom of choice and the amount of satisfaction it gives after completing nine hours of work is unreal. Time tracking allows you to work at flexible hours and also provides you with the memo of completion of your work for the day. 

8- systematic work updates 

As time tracking allows you to track the amount of time spent working, it also ensures to get into the working details and updates. 

Time to time updates of work results in grasping more about immoral employees. 


 1- Projects Management 

Time tracking helps in managing our projects with accuracy. It helps to cope up with multiple projects at the same time by providing estimations on various projects.

2- Improves productivity 

Maybe working from home can also be a bit of a struggle. A distracted mind is the origin of all the mischief things you do. Probably getting controlled or restricted by a tracking tool can do wonders to catch the lost focus. 

3- Time Flexibility 

Well, nine hours of work doesn't seem to be hectic when the time flexibility is in power. Being attentive in work hours makes it easy to deal with.


Employee time tracking has designed to keep an indirect eye on the employee. As it's very easy to get distracted even from the slightest sound, it is better to get tracked and stay focused.